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SupChina gathers, explores and explains the political, business and cultural news about China in two minutes a day. ---
In less than four decades, China has turned its economy into a $10.4 trillion behemoth whose size is second only to that of the United States. The country’s actions around the globe – from investments in Africa to island-building in the South China Sea to partnerships with Hollywood studios – are shaping the economic, political and cultural orders of the 21st century.
The challenges for the nation are as big as its accomplishments. Years of rapid development have damaged its water, land and air. Dismantling government corruption is an ongoing battle. An economy trying to transform into one driven by consumers is slowing down, threatening social stability and sending tremors through other nations.
Now more than ever, China is a critical member of the global order that needs to be understood. SupChina is here to help. We’ll gather, explore and explain the political, business and cultural news about the most dynamic nation on the planet.