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The Chinese GPS

On November 5, China launched two new navigation satellites in Sichuan in an effort to build a global navigation and positioning network and reduce reliance on overseas systems.

Live streaming in China

Live video feeds are hot — sometimes too hot for the government The number of Chinese people on live-streaming services reached 344 million at the end of last year — nearly half of China's...


Записано с помощью DU Recorder для Android.

How to pronounce pinduoduo vid. My how to pronounce pinduoduo vid will teach you how to say pinduoduo 's name in the right English pronunciation.

Blue and red war: Eye-rolling journalist goes viral on Chinese internet

The journalist Liang Xiangyi 梁相宜 (in the blue dress), who works for a Shanghai-based media group called Yicai, directed an epic eye roll at the reporter from ...

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